idles fine, full acceleration seems great, but in between lots of ignition cutting out - '88 90 4 cyl

Ti Kan ti at
Mon Dec 9 17:52:34 EST 2002

Ti Kan writes:
> Len & Bonnie Lubbers writes:
> > [ single-wire O2 sensor ]
> > I have priced the sensor and done some research on the archives. It appears
> > there is some debate whether a sensor is a sensor is a sensor.  My sensor is
> > the one wire type.  I have been unable to get a local source with a good
> > price.  VW wants 235.00; other prices range from 200.00 to 250.00 (for an
> > Eckland).
> Look in your phone book under Automotive Parts, and see if you could find
> a Bosch parts dealer.  You should be able to get one for a much better price
> than the Audi dealer.  All VW/Audi single-wire sensors are the same.
> > QUESTION 2: Can I rig a 3 wire sensor from my 1990 parts Jetta to work?  I
> > understand these have a heater.  Is the heater necessary?  Does the heater
> > stay on?  If so, I would have no trouble wiring in a relay.
> Yes, you can use a 3-wire sensor.  Just connect the heating element
> to the same circuit as your fuel pump (so that it's on when the
> fuel pump is running).  No relays needed.

Oh and I forgot to mention... since your original sensor is a single-wire,
you could also simply leave the 3-wire sensor's heater unconnected.  It'll
work just fine.  The heater is only necessary for applications where
the sensor is located farther downstream from the exhaust ports, and it
also brings the sensor to operating temperature quicker so that the engine
could spend less time in open-loop (the time is pre-programmed into the
ECU in conjunction with the reading from the coolant temp sensor).

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