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RYAN ALAN HOITINK rahoitink at students.wisc.edu
Mon Dec 9 20:27:20 EST 2002


Thanks for the Audiworld forums style response.  I
have been on this list for almost 6 years now, and,
although I post very rarely, I have been helped
through many obstacles.  Additionally, I hope I've
helped a couple people along the way, which is what
I was trying to do with my response.  Thanks again
for dismissing my post as fodder for childish humor.


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From: Bernard Littau <bernardl at acumenassociates.com>
Date: Monday, December 9, 2002 12:28 pm
Subject: RE: snow wheels that aren't hub centric

> Peter -
> You will get plenty of responses telling you that
> propeller beanie with a static dissipater to avoid
being struck by
> lightning.  In my personal experience, this isn't
always true.
> While this
> may or may not be an issue of safety, the decision
is ultimately
> up to you,
> but my experience follows.  I just leave my fly
unzipped and have
> done this
> for more than a year.  No adverse effects.
Period.  In fact, my
> dad also
> leaves his fly unzipped even in the summer.  I had
my fly unzipped
> with up
> to 120+ lightning strikes per hour in the
vicinity, and was never
> worried.If you have zippered pants and can
remember not to zip
> them, why not?  But
> in the mean time, don't worry about a lightning
strike anytime soon.
> - Bernard

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