Relaying dim-dip headlights - Type 44

rob hod rob3 at
Tue Dec 10 13:38:15 EST 2002

    I'm currently relaying the headlights on my '88 100. I've found a nice
place to mount the relays (on the little strut that supports the top of the
radiator from the front valence) and had a lot of fun crimping stuff
together.  I've done the main beams, but am holding off on the dips because
of two questions;

    1, dim-dip. If I use the feed to the dip beams to trigger the relay,
then the dim-dip relay will mean that I get full-dip when running on parking
lights rather than dim-dip. I can live with this, but just wondered if
anyone had gone to the bother of preserving the dim dip feature, and how
they did it.

    2, I haven't looked closely, but with the lightswitch on dip and the
ignition off, is any dim dip applied?, or are only the parking lights



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