Relaying dim-dip headlights - Type 44

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Tue Dec 10 11:47:13 EST 2002

"rob hod" <rob3 at> wrote:

>    1, dim-dip. If I use the feed to the dip beams to trigger the relay,
>then the dim-dip relay will mean that I get full-dip when running on parking
>lights rather than dim-dip. I can live with this, but just wondered if
>anyone had gone to the bother of preserving the dim dip feature, and how
>they did it.
>    2, I haven't looked closely, but with the lightswitch on dip and the
>ignition off, is any dim dip applied?, or are only the parking lights

I've had dim sum, but not dim dip. Is that for your potato chips
("crisps" to the Brits, I believe) or corn chips?

Seriously,  in the good old USofA, there are "high beams", "low
beams", and "parking lights".  High beams are the brightest (most
watts) and often work in conjunction with the low beams. Parking
lights are on anytime the headlights (low or high beams) are on;
they can also be on by themselves, without the headlights on.

I'm just guess here, but let me take a stab at translating this:

British		American
----------		-------------
main		high beams
dip		low beams
dim		parking lights only (no headlights)
full-dip		low beams only
dim-dip		both low beams and parking lights
city lights		low-wattage bulbs within some Euro-spec headlights
		(they are not parking lights)

Someone please correct this.  Then maybe I can help.  But if you've
seen my work, you'd know why I pay someone to fix my car.

'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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