Bosch part numbers

David Conner conner at
Tue Dec 10 13:18:06 EST 2002

Richard Beels wrote...
"Phil Payne posted a website in the past that was a Bosch (among others)
database of parts and stuff.  Don't have the url, it seems but a search for
the archives should turn it up."

At 12/09/2002 at 10:36, Jim and Patsy Schurz asked...
>I am trying to locate specifications for Bosch voltage regulators.  Does
>anone know where I can find Bosch part numbers with corresponding

Hi Everyone,
The url posted by Phil Payne was...

However, it no longer works.  You can connect to a Bosch website at...

But there is no part number database.  Does anyone know where it is?
If anyone knows a good link to that database I'm sure lots of folks would
be interested to know of it.

Dave C.

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