More '89 200q power problems

John David Anderson janders1 at
Tue Dec 10 16:31:54 EST 2002

Again thanks for all the help so far, upon further inspection of the
whole thing today most of the intake hoses are actually in better shape
than they appeared, and with the system plugged on both ends and
pressurized only a few places leak.

My current quandary may seem incredibly stupid, but WTF.  Should the
control pressure regulator on this car be a boost sensing unit with the
couple little aux inputs on the side.  Because it isn't.  And once
again thanks to the pitiful Bentley manual, I have no real idea, let
alone what and where said lines would hook to if they were there.  I
mean page 25.3 pictures a regulator with the ports, but nowhere can I
find an illustration of where they would connect.  I have an old 80-83
5kt regulator, will this work if indeed it should be plumbed to sense
boost?  Or is boost enrichment electronic on this car via the O2 sensor
and frequency valve?  I swear this manual is worse than my Corrado
manual and that says something.  I mean the pictures on 25.5 don't have
anything to do with my car, and I fail to find an illustration anywhere
showing the wastegate frequency valve plumbing in a realistic sense,
page 26.5 provides a pitiful block diagram, 21.3 again has nothing to
do with my car as far as the details go.  What a POS, I've seen better
Chilton manuals.

Sorry to vent but I'm having a hard time believing I pad $110 for this
set of junk.

Thanks as usual.
janders1 at

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