More '89 200q power problems

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Dec 10 17:39:45 EST 2002

> My current quandary may seem incredibly stupid, but WTF.  Should the
> control pressure regulator on this car be a boost sensing unit with the
> couple little aux inputs on the side.  Because it isn't.

OK, first, I don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to
CIS-turbo, but, what the heck, I'll type away anyway so people who do
know cna correct me...

The warm up reg is not a boost detection device.  As far as I once
figured out on my 82 coupe, those 2 ports were for something like cold
WOT enrichment - but probably only on a n/a engine.  I explain this
pretty badly here:

> boost?  Or is boost enrichment electronic on this car via the O2 sensor
> and frequency valve?

Yes, well, not so much the OXS as the WOT switch and computer system.

> (rant about Bentley)

> Sorry to vent but I'm having a hard time believing I pad $110 for this
> set of junk.

Well, the different manuals are written for different reasons.  The shop
manual has vastly more info than the haynes or chilton, just because it
doesn't necessarily answer a question you have doesn't make it
worthless.  It is really intended for dealer techs wokring on cars that
are still set up properly (ie, no one ever messed up the vacuum lines,
or swapped in substitute parts, etc.)

Haynes and chilton are written more for the much later owner, but also
have much less detail on some things.

There should be something resembling a vacuum hose diagram stuck to the
bottom of your hood.

Also, i suspect Scott Mockry's site might be helpful if you haven't
already memorized it.

Huw Powell

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