Strange Sighting In Santa Cruz Today--Badge Engineering?

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Dec 10 17:41:26 EST 2002

> >>>Here's a test post @ forums.vwvortex with a picture of my car:
> >>> Btw, this car is
> >>>completely stock, except for the huge quattro scripts on the sides,
> >>>which I believe was some dealer option.
> >>>
> >>Hmm, the picture wouldn't load for me
> >>
> >
> >and that's because it was saved as a '.txt' file, I think.
> >
> And it is saved as a .txt because Tripod, where I upload my photos,
> doesnt allow hotlinks to discussion boards. By saving them as .txt
> allows the discussion boards to still open them as pictures, and tripod
> doesnt notice.

Hmm, weird trick.  In the end I was able to see it, though.  Maybe the
demand for it was just too high at first?  Nice car...

Huw Powell

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