Relaying dim-dip headlights - Type 44

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There you go.

British		American		wattage
----------		----------		------------
main beam	high beam	55-100W
dip		low beam		45-80W
dim/side/city	parking lights	5-10W

Dim lights are also called side markers in UK.   City lights,
as found in Euro spec lights, are also dim (and may be part
of the same circuit).  The US parking lights stay on with
the headlights.

Light switch positions are off/dim/dip (off/parking/low).
And the low/high beams are switched by pulling/pushing
on the stalk.

Jim Haseltine's site shows each bulb wired with a relay.
You can simplify the wiring by using one relay for each
low beam (2 relays total), and just one relay for the high
beams.  The reasoning is that, if the high beam relay
dies, you still have your low beams. But if you had only
one low beam relay and it died, you'd be driving blind.

The low wattage  (dim/parking) circuit apparently doesn't
need relays due to the low current requirements.

'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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