Bentley accuracy (was '89 200q power problems)

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Tue Dec 10 19:35:22 EST 2002

Today, in my Bentley for the CoupeGT/4kq/urq, I found at least 5 entries
about which way to turn the tool to raise or lower the CO.  2 of 5 were
the opposite of the other 3.  Is that correct?  Can't imagine that it
would be.  Turns out the minority opinion (the 2 of 5) was correct for my

Colorado Springs

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 18:30:20 -0500 (EST) John David Anderson
<janders1 at> writes:
> >Well, the different manuals are written for different reasons.  The
> shop
> >manual has vastly more info than the haynes or chilton, just
> because it
> >doesn't necessarily answer a question you have doesn't make it
> >worthless.  It is really intended for dealer techs wokring on cars
> that
> >are still set up properly (ie, no one ever messed up the vacuum
> lines,
> >or swapped in substitute parts, etc.)
> >
> >Haynes and chilton are written more for the much later owner, but
> also
> >have much less detail on some things.
> Don't get me wrong here, I personally own almost every Bentley
> written
> for VW's from mid 60's through mid 90's.  I have no trouble
> understanding most of them, even when they changed in the 80's to
> this
> useless "picture" format instead of the good ole text style manuals
> (which they have ventured back to on occasion BTW.)  But this thing
> is
> positively the worst, I mean there are still scores of pages
> showing
> earlier 80's cars with no bearing on the massive 3 year span this
> is
> supposed to cover, let alone the 3B stuff just dropped in with a
> blender wherever it seemed to fit.  Positively the worst.  Makes me
> wonder if they are actually the "factory service manuals" or not,
> oft
> times what the dealer got starting in the 80's was not in fact what
> appeared in the consumer Bentley printing.  Perhaps this explains
> why
> VW/Audi dealer service became so comically bad in the 80's.
> Anyway, thanks for the thoughts.
> John

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