'89 100q as parts for my '89 200q?

John David Anderson janders1 at mix.wvu.edu
Tue Dec 10 22:50:48 EST 2002

So I'll seek some more opinions.  An '89 100 quattro has come availble
to me for an appealing price as well, somewhere between $500 and $750
I'll imagine.  Now right off yes I understand the entire drivetrain of
this car is relatively worthless as far as the 200 goes as it uses the
01A with different final ratios, and is obviously a normally aspirated
2.3, but...

The car is 210k miles, however has nearly new full dealer installed
struts/shocks all round, new front rotors, aftermarket rebuilt central
hydraulic pump and steering rack (though oddly the P/S still doesn't
seem to work well on it).  I believe all those will work on my 200 as
best I can tell, I'm a bit unclear on the rotors, have to check if it
has two pot calipers or not.  It also comes with another factory manual
set (grrr) and has brand new Goodyear HP's on the BBS style alloys.
Black leather with the exception of drivers seat is mint, though my 200
is gray.  Otherwise things I need it has include front bumper cover (is
it the same?) and the A/C compressor and condensor though the guy was
never able to get the A/C to hold for more than a few months despite
$2500 or so in dealer repairs last 3 years, he claims they could never
get the compressor to manifold mounted on the compressor joint not to
leak, who knows.

Now of all that stuff the only things I really "need" for the 200 are
the A/C bits, the bumper cover (cosmetic damage to my 200), rotors, and
possibly the steering rack.  All of these unfortunately are either
questionable or not fully functioning on the car.  The suspension,
extra wheels, and spares for all the power doo-dads would just sort of
be gravy.  I really need another car around like I need the ole hole in
the head though, and it distresses me that the tranny and rear diff are
useless to me.  Are the halfshafts the same however at least?

Thanks, opinions appreciated once again, let alone anyone interested in
relieveing me of the big bits I can't use.  Of course this car runs and
drives fairly well actually, a bit tired and a bit of an odd whine
above 50mph that I think is the center prop shaft bearing, but actually
I have a spare much lower mile 2.3 for it, so who knows...

janders1 at mix.wvu.edu

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