Should I, or shouldn't I....

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Dec 10 23:02:10 EST 2002

> I know when dealing with engine work on an engine of unknown age that you
> should replace certain items "while you are there", one of them being the
> timing belt. When redoing the head, best practice is to use new head bolts.
> Is it a good idea also to replace the injectors as well?  This is on a '85
> 5Ks Avant with 250K kms on it.

Well, yes and no.

As Ben said, if the engine runs perfectly smoothly, don't bother.

I would also add, that since the injectors are not "inside" the engine,
this is not so much a "while you are in there" task - it is simply a "do
it if even slightly necessary" task.  I suppose if you are removing the
head, at least they are pulled already and hanging in midair, but
otherwise they aren't really "part" of doing anything else specific.  As
far as I can think it through, anyway.

Huw Powell

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