Bad Wiesbaden!!

AndrewS AndrewS at
Tue Dec 10 23:39:12 EST 2002

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I recently disconnect my battery to install a short-shifter. For what reaso=
n i do not know but it was in the installation directions. Not thinking qui=
te right i did not think about the consquences of disconnecting it. I get t=
he shifter in and install everything back. I drive the car later to realize=
 that i needed the safe code to make my radio work again. So yesterday i go=
 to the dealer to get the code and do successfully. Now for the problem, I =
have tried numerous times to press the code in but no chance. The radio wil=
l not come off safe mode to get to the screen where i am sopposed to put in=
 the code from the dealer in. Any BTDT, all help greatly welcome and apperi=


Andy 91 Pearl CQ (No Tunes)

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