TT Rollbars

Wylie Bean TheRingmeister at
Wed Dec 11 00:15:53 EST 2002

exactly what do you mean by...."We're not talking a full cage here- just an
extended rollbar that
properly bolts into the frame of the car or the existing rollbar system."

The two roll "hoops" behind each seat in a TT roadster are fully functional,
being that they are incorporated into a solid aluminium bulkhead that spans
the width of the car and is an integral part of the chassis.  The hoops,
along with windscreen frame, are designed to support the weight of the car
in the event of a rollover.  I'm not sure to what extent they've been tested
in terms of severity of roll, but they pass the test at many q-club events
nationwide, and have met and exceeded Audi's strict safety standards.  As
far as a rollbar/cage for a TT coupe goes, I'd imagine any good race shop
should be able to fab one up.  It just depends on how badly the customer
wants to disturb the interior of the car.


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