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Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 11 01:58:35 EST 2002

>     Ok, here is a simple question.  Other than making it harder to parallel park and such, what problems could i run into if i were to yank the p/s pump and just bridge the ports on the rack?

Heck, why not just cut the belt?

When I bought my 82 coupe, the PS was disabled, something to do with
'wanting a sportier ride', well, anyway, it was really due to a leaky
pipe wrecking the pump, but I drove it that way for a couple of years.
Popeye arms serviced and installed.  Parallel parking, not so bad, five
point turns in your dates narrow road... a bit embarrassing, and
definitely required some muscle (you'd have thought she would have been
impressed!  guess that's just not the sort of woman I tend to date...).

No harm to the rack or anything else as far as I could ever tell,
eventually I fixed it.

>     Why would i do this?
>     First, gain back a few HP.

I don't remember losing any when I fixed it, but then I painted the
replacement metal hose yellow... although you must be right, a belt
driven pump must draw some power.  Although maybe not much when not
"under load," ie straight ahead driving?

>     Second, i like how an unboosted car feels.  Though, i really dont know how much the p/s on these 4k's mutes the steering feel.

It doesn't mute the feel, really.  it just makes the wheel easier to
turn with one hand...

> This really isn't a big issue, just somthing i got thinking about when i was helping a buddy switch his truck to an unboosted rack.

It's a pain that the PS belt is towards the rear (is it the rearmost?)
of the crank pulley, but your best bet to play with this is simply to
remove it.  if you decide you prefered the assist mode, replace the
belt.  and have fun either way!

Huw Powell



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