Wheel stud torque.

George Harris harchris at smokesignal.net
Wed Dec 11 06:43:03 EST 2002

During the discussion about wheel stud torquing I believe I mentioned
something like:
"I use antiseize on my wheel studs and have never had them come loose!"

Well, I would like to report that the Audi Gods have struck! Three hours
into a 4 hour road trip yesterday, I got onto a rough paved road. I was
getting some rumbling from one wheel that seemed to be out of proportion
to the roughness of the road, so I got out and used a ratchet and socket
to see if one of the wheels was loose. Sure enough, the left front was
loose. I recently had all four wheels put on at a shop when the tires
were replaced, and the grease monkey torqued them on, so I'm going to
blame him and keep my record clear ;-)


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