Broomstick and TTs

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The broomstick rule was adopted by the National body of the Audi Club North
America, and all chapters had to follow the decision. You'll still see 1-2
TT Roadsters at events, driven by people short enough (height challenged? To
be PC) to fit under the broomstick with a helmet on.

Tracks, however, seem to be cracking down too. VIR doesn't accept
manufacturer "roll hoops" as safe. They want a full cage, which THEY must
sign off on. So no Boxster, TT or Z3/Z4 convertibles there without full


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The NEQ (at my urging, amongst *plenty* others) has officially adopted the
"broomstick rule," which is common to any PCA (Porsche Club of America)
folks.  Simply stated, you take a flat edge (a broomstick handle does, in
fact, work perfectly) and go across the car from the top of the windshield
frame to the top of the rear structure (usually a roll bar or hoops).  With
the driver and passenger (instrurctor) seated as normal AND wearing thier
helmets (helmets EASILY add 2+ inches to the top of your head), there must
a 2" clearance from the helmet to the broomstick.  Really simple, good

I personally saw 3 cars on thier roof at driver's education events this year
with various clubs (ACCNA included).  It does happen, and in every case it
happened to a good driver, drivers you would NOT expect it to happen to.

Mark Rosenkrantz
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