Brake master cylinder grommets.

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Dec 11 08:08:20 EST 2002

At 06:36 AM 12/11/2002 -0500, George Harris wrote:
>I have a leak in the brake system hydraulics which appears be from the
>bottom of the reservoir between the reservoir and the master cylinder. I
>believe there are 2 rubber donuts (grommets) that seal off the join and
>allow some flexing of this joint.
>Is it possible to remove the reservoir and replace the grommets and if
>so, how much force and where is it applied?
>The vehicle is an '87 5000CD TQ.

It can be a "stiff" pull.  Make sure you don't angle your pressure.  You
can break off the old plastic that passes through the donut seals.  Most of
the brake fluid will run out of the openings in the reservoir, I
believe.  I got as much of the brake fluid out as I could with a turkey
baster first.  Still made somewhat of a mess. Have a bucket of water
available to rinse the fluid off  the engine compartment after you get the
reservoir resealed.   I think I put a bunch of towels under the master
cylinder when I did the second one.  Made cleaning up the mess easier.

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