Possibly different '89 200qt power issues

Mike_Buckham at ptk.pioneer.co.uk Mike_Buckham at ptk.pioneer.co.uk
Wed Dec 11 13:56:50 EST 2002

Thanks for the suggestion, Joshua, but I have tried temporarily
disconnecting the frequency valve whilst the intermittent fault is in
effect. I can hear the frequency valve buzzing before I've disconnected it
and after I've reconnected it. When disconnected, the engine revs drop
appreciably. Because of this, I don't think that this is the fault. I've
tried disconnecting all sorts of sensors and valves but none seem to cause
the same symptoms when disconnected.

By the way, is the frequency valve supposed to buzz (when the engine is
idling), or should it be clicking slowly? I'd guess its working at roughly
15 to 20Hz at the moment and doesn't seem to change as the engine revs

Cheers, Mike.

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Have a look at the fuel pump relay. It supplies power through a
seperate circuit to the frequency valve. Having that circuit go open
(and it can happen) causes the car to run lean, and this will cause
poor idling, and stumbling throughout the rpm range.

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