Broomstick and TTs

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Wed Dec 11 09:50:53 EST 2002

"Too Tall" Dave Hord <spokes at> wrote:

>I recognize, and fully agree with the safety aspect of the broomstick
>rule...but I'm curious to know Mark, what would the NEQ do in my situation?
>Ban me from entering the track because it's impossible to buy/prep a vehicle
>that my frame will fit in?

I recall the Aston Martin DB "Double Bubble" Zagato had two large
convex areas on the roof of the car to give the driver and passenger
headroom. See:

If a DB Zagato is out of your price range, maybe you could add a
bubble to your ride.  Just don't make it so high that it looks like a
converted handicap van.

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