Brake master cylinder grommets

Steve Sears steve.sears at
Wed Dec 11 10:13:41 EST 2002

Replaced the rubber grommets a couple of days ago.  Pretty easy to do as the
grommets had almost dissolved from being continually soaked with pentosin
(another issue I'm getting to fixing).  Jam a bunch of rags under the
cylinder to catch the brake fluid you can't remove from the reservoir with
the handy not-from-the-kitchen-drawer, brake-fluid-only turkey baster (the
clutch portion of the reservoir doesn't drain all that well to the back of
the reservoir) and the reservoir will pull pretty much straight up -
perpendicular to the axis of the brake MC.  After the reservoir has pulled
out, clean off the area around the grommets (to avoid dropping gunk bonded
to the brake cylinder/grommets into the cylinder) and then grab the grommets
with a set of needle nosed pliers and pull them out.  Pushing the new ones
in is slightly harder, you just have to make sure they don't hang up on the
lip of the cast aluminium.  The reservoir pushes right in if the grommets
are properly seated in the mc.  Clean up any spilled brake fluid and fill
Steve Sears
1987 5kTQ
1980 5k
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