Hydraulic pump, Type 44 - questions

David Conner conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Wed Dec 11 10:25:34 EST 2002

Could someone tell me the reason for the Bentley warning on page 48.17 (The
edition for 1984 - 1988 Type 44), where it says ...

"Caution:  The old type pump 035 145 155 G must not be installed in cars
from 1986 model years onward"

The original pump in my 1987 5ks is pn 035 145 155
The replacement pump I've installed is 035 145 155 G
The two pumps look the same .... Anyone know what the difference is?

Background on this particular car is that about 5 years ago I replaced the
original pump and rack (both were leaking) with a pump and rack from a 1985
5ks, but continued using the original hoses and banjo bolts.  Afterward I
realized the banjo bolts could vary and I may be using the wrong ones, but
don't know what effect it's having.  Everything has always seemed to work
fine except that when the car is cold the first couple of turns of the
steering wheel are often accompanied by groaning noise.  I always told
myself this noise was harmless ... maybe just resonance due to the high
pressure, an annoyance but not hurting anything, but I'm not sure of this.
If I could cure the noise by swapping banjo bolts it would be nice to know
exactly which ones and how to know the correct version (p/n).  Too bad this
seems to be so complicated... there are four different banjo bolts just for
the pump outlet port, and no explanantion for why.   Is this the only banjo
bolt that's critical?  Other critical ones?  I still have the original
pump, which I could re-seal and install if that would be better.

My BTDT advice to anyone seeking to use a pump or rack out of a parts car
would be to get the entire hydraulic system ... all hoses, pump rack and
bomb together.  You may not want to re-use all the parts, but at least
you'd have a chance of identifying which banjo bolts to buy as
replacements.  And don't forget that in '89 they switched from sealing
washers to O-rings for all the connection seals.
Dave C.

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