TT Rollbars

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Dec 11 11:40:41 EST 2002

At 12:15 AM -0500 12/11/02, Wylie Bean wrote:
>exactly what do you mean by...."We're not talking a full cage here- just an
>extended rollbar that
>properly bolts into the frame of the car or the existing rollbar system."
>The two roll "hoops" behind each seat in a TT roadster are fully functional,
>being that they are incorporated into a solid aluminium bulkhead that spans
>the width of the car and is an integral part of the chassis.  The hoops,
>along with windscreen frame, are designed to support the weight of the car
>in the event of a rollover.  I'm not sure to what extent they've been tested
>in terms of severity of roll, but they pass the test at many q-club events
>nationwide, and have met and exceeded Audi's strict safety standards.

They pass the NEQ's consideration of a rollbar as well.  I'm familiar
with the design, and well aware that they're made with high strength
boron steel and go right into the frame.  That has(as far as I know)
never been an issue- and nobody implied the factory rollbars are
cheesy tack-ons.  Stop reading between the lines and seeing "60
minutes", please.

The issue is that they simply don't extend far enough for a fair
number of drivers wearing helmets.   It would be rather contrary to
the club's mission statement to simply turn them away; I'm collecting
rollbar kit info, which I'll give to the club, so if someone calls
and says "geez, I don't think I'm going to pass, what can I do?", the
eventmaster has an answer.

If your helmet sticks over an imaginary line between the top of the
windshield and the hoops, guess what happens if the car rolls? You
have a really, really bad day.  The +2 inch rule adds a margin of
safety- maybe you go off in the dirt and either the windshield or
rollbar digs in(many rollovers happen when the car is travelling
sideways and the wheels dig into the dirt or catch on the track edge,
etc.)  Maybe there's a little slack in the belt and you come out of
the seat a bit when the car flips.  Maybe the surface you go off on
isn't flat and even.  etc. etc. etc.

There are extender kits for the Boxster, for example, that clamps
onto the hoops of that car(top and sides so the thing won't get
twisted.)  That's one good option.  Another is a second(hopefully
removable) rollbar that gives plenty of clearance(extra clearance
never hurts.)

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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