Relaying dim-dip headlights - Type 44

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Wed Dec 11 18:34:03 EST 2002


    Excellent stuff. I knew someone must have come across this before.

     Now I know to try hunting for a red relay first. Did you notice the
very interesting way that the solenoid circuit works for that relay?, seems
its earthed thru the main beam filaments!

    I'm quite possibly just going to accept the disablement of dim-dip,
meaning full dip on the sidelight position with ignition on. But I reckon
that it would be possible to disconnect the end of the resistance wire from
the existing low beam feed and connect it into the new low beam feed
downstream of the relay. After all its already been relayed once.

    Now if only I could find where the resistance wire is located on the
type 44 ......


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> When I rebuilt my Ur-q I took the opportunity to rewire the headlight loom
> with 2mm cable and install relays. All the relays are mounted inside the
> alongside of the auxiliary relay plate. This allowed me easy access to the
> dim-dip circuit. I've posted info at
> the new dim-dip stuff is at the bottom of the page.
> Regards,
> Jim Haseltine
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> Subject: Relaying dim-dip headlights - Type 44
> >
> >     I'm currently relaying the headlights on my '88 100. I've found a
> > place to mount the relays (on the little strut that supports the top of
> the
> > radiator from the front valence) and had a lot of fun crimping stuff
> > together.  I've done the main beams, but am holding off on the dips
> because
> > of two questions;
> >
> >     1, dim-dip. If I use the feed to the dip beams to trigger the relay,
> > then the dim-dip relay will mean that I get full-dip when running on
> parking
> > lights rather than dim-dip. I can live with this, but just wondered if
> > anyone had gone to the bother of preserving the dim dip feature, and how
> > they did it.
> >
> >     2, I haven't looked closely, but with the lightswitch on dip and the
> > ignition off, is any dim dip applied?, or are only the parking lights
> > enabled?
> >
> >     TIA
> >
> > rob
> >
> >
> >

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