GL4 vs. GL5

qshipaz at qshipaz at
Wed Dec 11 18:29:31 EST 2002

Greetings Audinauts,
Hmmm. I heard that GL5 should not be used, but could never remember why. Gu=
ess the GL5 I topped the TQ box off with last week is gonna come out! Quest=
ion, though:
I believe in Redline's quality, but I am superstitious about using syntheti=
c in a car which has likely always used "bean oil"- maybe just for the pote=
ntial of new leaks developing. But otherwise- where can you get non-synth G=
L4?? I used to use Castrol in my departed 5kt, but I can't locate the stuff=

Oil found on FLAPS shelves states "GL2 through GL5"... how??


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