Brake master cylinder grommets.

cobram at cobram at
Wed Dec 11 13:41:22 EST 2002

Make sure you have the CORRECT replacement grommets before you do too
much pulling or yanking on the old ones.  There seem to be two or
different size grommets used.  I was given the wrong ones by the dealer
once, the old ones in the car were very swollen and I couldn't get one
back in and the other shredded when being removed. Luckily I had a junker
MC reservoir on hand which I could scavenge.  I now keep a set of good
used grommets in both sizes handy, just in case the new ones are wrong,
don't get stranded that way.

Shouldn't take much effort, especially since they've been soaking in
brake fluid for a while.  If you have problems inserting the new ones,
wet with some brake fluid, makes them slide in easier.


George Harris <harchris at> writes:
> I have a leak in the brake system hydraulics which appears be from
> the bottom of the reservoir between the reservoir and the master
> cylinder. I believe there are 2 rubber donuts (grommets) that seal off
the join
> and allow some flexing of this joint.
> Is it possible to remove the reservoir and replace the grommets and
> if so, how much force and where is it applied?

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