accelerator pedal bushing(s) 87 4kq

lrickert at lrickert at
Wed Dec 11 11:57:39 EST 2002

Those of you who haven’t checked on this little problem you might want to look
up under your dash at the end of the gas pedal, these dumb little bushings get
old and can at best be an inconvenience and could possibly cause serious safety
issues when you loose the connection the your throttle with no warning.

I got the new parts at BowWow (in Seattle) and put them in and now that I am
done I would like to add a few things to the archives about the job so the next
person who goes looking will find it.

The VW part number for the foam bushings is: 431 721 559 with the description of
("Sleeve Acc Cable") which doesn't make sense but is the correct part. The list
price is $6.50 each and you need two of them.

There is a cheaper hard plastic bushing that is said to fit
(VW number is 191 723 559) but considering how much fun the foam ones are to get
in they might be hard to install.

Notes on installation:

remove the gas pedal, it is easily done by removing the two spring clips and
bushings on the pivot. (I did it with my figures)

with the pedal removed it is much easier to get the cable termination block and
pedal bushing connected.

wire the throttle open to get more slack in the cable.

stick the hooked end of the cable through the other bushing

reinstall the pedal

oh ya and wear a headlamp, it is impossible to hold a flashlight and work with
both hands

have fun, your back might recover someday.


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