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Wed Dec 11 16:18:00 EST 2002

At 10:58 AM -0500 12/11/02, Louis-Alain Richard wrote:
>Interesting twist of the tradition; there is at least 1 car sold in
>2003 with an automatic transmission that has more gears than its
>manual trans.  Do you know which one?
>And I don’t mean one of the CVT cars; the vehicle is a regular
>production vehicle, sold worldwide by one of the major manufacturer
>(well it’s a brand of one of the 5 majors).

Jaguar S-type comes with a 6-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual.

Of course, their "R"(which scored the lowest in Automobile's M5 vs.
RS6 vs. E55 AMG vs S-type R roundup), is only available with an

In fact, the M5 was the only tested vehicle available with a manual,
5 speed or otherwise.  Sad state in the automotive world, folks...

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