Looking for Factory Fog light switches for 87 4KQ

Bill Phelps wphelps at rizzo.com
Wed Dec 11 16:27:16 EST 2002

I'm not sure there ever was an official factory switch for the 87 4KQ. What
I did (after someone here suggested it) was used a defroster switch from the
same vintage car, you just turn it upside down when you install it and it
looks sorta like the fog light symbol. Works like a charm. Got mine at a
junk yard for next to nothing.


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Subject: Looking for Factory Fog light switches for 87 4KQ

  A buddy and me are putting foglights into our 87 4KQ's, and were wondering
if anyone out there has a few of the fog light switches (factory).  We are
trying to keep it all looking as factory as possible.

  Also does anybody know of the wiring colors for the fog lights.  We would
like to use the factory wiring for our fog lights, we are going to relay it
though.  Ideas?


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