Looking for Factory Fog light switches for 87 4KQ

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 11 17:21:48 EST 2002

> I'm not sure there ever was an official factory switch for the 87 4KQ.

There is, or at least, was.  They are nla now, although there are always
those rumors of a few in inventory "somewhere."

> I did (after someone here suggested it) was used a defroster switch from the
> same vintage car, you just turn it upside down when you install it and it
> looks sorta like the fog light symbol. Works like a charm. Got mine at a
> junk yard for next to nothing.

Yup, they really do look the part.

I once had an 83 5kt parts car, with about 3 extra defroster switches in
the dash.  never could figure out what they were all for, I suppose the
stuff they ran was removed by the PO.

Huw Powell



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