4kq factory fog light switch

tob4000 at excite.com tob4000 at excite.com
Wed Dec 11 18:02:04 EST 2002

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 Cade,I recently purchased a used factory fog light switch for my 87 4kq. I=
 bought it from Chris Semple at Force5 auto in Concord NH. for $20.  It's t=
he real deal and only came on cars destined for Europe I believe.  I'm look=
ing at it right now (haven't gotten around to hooking up H1's of H4/H1 comb=
o euro headlights). It seems to be left side specific, meaning the fog ligh=
t symbol looks it's best when on that side.  Look him up, I'll bet he has m=
ore.Toby Potvin87 4kq75 tr6

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