More TT hoops

Jon Linkov linkov at
Wed Dec 11 19:08:28 EST 2002

Another issue with open cars (we, the BoD feel), is that the open top of the
car doesn't do anything to keep arms from flying around. Even if there is a
2"/broomstick rule in effect and the person passes, if they roll there is a
VERY good chance an arm/arms will be injured.

So, look for arm restraints to be the next addition to the safety list for
open-topped cars.

As for extender kits, I personally don't trust them. A bolted/welded in roll
cage is one thing. Something that is "designed" to be bolted to existing
hoops worries me. Has a vehicle with the extender on it been rolled? Has it
slid on pavement for 50 yards? What testing has been done?

>Brett wrote:

>If your helmet sticks over an imaginary line between the top of the
>windshield and the hoops, guess what happens if the car rolls? You
>have a really, really bad day.  The +2 inch rule adds a margin of
>safety- maybe you go off in the dirt and either the windshield or
>rollbar digs in(many rollovers happen when the car is travelling
>sideways and the wheels dig into the dirt or catch on the track edge,
>etc.)  Maybe there's a little slack in the belt and you come out of
>the seat a bit when the car flips.  Maybe the surface you go off on
>isn't flat and even.  etc. etc. etc.

>There are extender kits for the Boxster, for example, that clamps
>onto the hoops of that car(top and sides so the thing won't get
>twisted.)  That's one good option.  Another is a second(hopefully
>removable) rollbar that gives plenty of clearance(extra clearance
>never hurts.)

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