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I could be a total jerk and say "hey, that's life." It IS an expensive
hobby, so maybe the only thing you can do is have a car with an extended
cage? I mean, our cars aren't aerodynamic masterpieces anyway (compared to a

If it was just this club with the rule, I'd agree that the policy stinks.
But, considering tracks (for liability reasons, of course) don't allow even
"broomstick-eligible" cars to drive makes me say that it's a problem,
liability-wise, for what we do.

The only alternatives I can see are driving with a group/club that doesn't
care, on a track that doesn't care. I guess with the tiny cars out there,
and small seating spaces, there is a reason the Alan McNish's of the world
(height-wise) are racers, and people 6' tall or greater aren't....It's the
reverse of basketball (where you'd be great with that height!)


On 12/11/02 8:30 AM, "Dave Hord" <spokes at> wrote:

> The broomstick rule eliminates me from driving ANY car I've ever owned on a
> track using that rule.
> I'm 6'4" and most of that is in my upper body (my legs are short, about the
> same as a normal 5'11" person.
> I don't fit in ANYTHING.  Even my rally car, where I've got two Cobra race
> buckets mounted to the floor as low as possible (easily a 5-6" drop from the
> stock seats lowest position), I STILL don't pass the broomstick rule.  Heck,
> without a helmet on I don't clear the cage -> I'm too freaking tall.
> Sigh.
> The only car I've ever owned where the roof is tall enough, is my 1975 VW
> beetle...but even then, if I put a cage in it...I wouldn't pass the broomstick
> rule. Not to mention with its stock 56hp it's not too exciting on anything
> bigger then a solo II track.
> So what of us abnormally tall folk? Should we (I) be banned from racing?  As
> much as I hate the 'slouch for inspection' (which, in the racing buckets is
> surprisingly easy) what other choice do I have?
> I recognize, and fully agree with the safety aspect of the broomstick
> rule...but I'm curious to know Mark, what would the NEQ do in my situation?
> Ban me from entering the track because it's impossible to buy/prep a vehicle
> that my frame will fit in? True, I could buy an SUV...but what would the point
> be?
> -Dave
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> Quoting Jon Linkov <linkov at>:
>> The broomstick rule was adopted by the National body of the Audi Club North
>> America, and all chapters had to follow the decision. You'll still see 1-2
>> TT Roadsters at events, driven by people short enough (height challenged?
>> To
>> be PC) to fit under the broomstick with a helmet on.
>> Tracks, however, seem to be cracking down too. VIR doesn't accept
>> manufacturer "roll hoops" as safe. They want a full cage, which THEY must
>> sign off on. So no Boxster, TT or Z3/Z4 convertibles there without full
>> cages.
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>> The NEQ (at my urging, amongst *plenty* others) has officially adopted the
>> "broomstick rule," which is common to any PCA (Porsche Club of America)
>> folks.  Simply stated, you take a flat edge (a broomstick handle does, in
>> fact, work perfectly) and go across the car from the top of the windshield
>> frame to the top of the rear structure (usually a roll bar or hoops).  With
>> the driver and passenger (instrurctor) seated as normal AND wearing thier
>> helmets (helmets EASILY add 2+ inches to the top of your head), there must
>> be
>> a 2" clearance from the helmet to the broomstick.  Really simple, good
>> safety
>> rule.
>> I personally saw 3 cars on thier roof at driver's education events this
>> year
>> with various clubs (ACCNA included).  It does happen, and in every case it
>> happened to a good driver, drivers you would NOT expect it to happen to.
>> Mark Rosenkrantz
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