help! type44 squirrly on the road with front snow tires

Dave C conner at
Wed Dec 11 20:58:50 EST 2002

Jordan wrote...
".   rear tires are all season, just fronts are snow.  she says car handles
"squirrely" sometimes."

I think you already know the answer. but I can reinforce that it's a bad
combination.  The rear will tend to lose traction with your set up.  The
rear will kick out on curves and especially under braking on a curve...
very unsafe.
I have two fwd type 44's and first bought a set of four snows for the one
that was being driven daily.  Later when both were being driven daily I
decided to try snows only on front for both of them.  We learned quickly
that it wasn't safe... very squirrely in slippery conditions.
Dave C.
Columbus, OH
89 200Q
89 100
87 5KTQ
87 5KS

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