Turbo Rebuild Resource

Kenny Bazzett thequattrokid at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 21:04:05 EST 2002

It's not often I'm so awestruck by a service company that I want to share my
good fortune with the world. Today is the day. I received my K-24 RS4 turbo
by FedEx after a rebuild at Evergreen Turbo in Ocala Florida (1 800 275
2531). The unit was completely rebuilt including: bearings, seals and
balancing for less then half the cost of other sources I have checked.
Obviously from the appearance a very professional job was done. I dealt
directly with the company owner, Charles Brown. He took the time to explain
thoroughly the problems with my turbo and how it was fixed. He also
described many different Hybrid units he builds also at extremely reasonable
prices. This guy knows his stuff, does what he says, when he says he will,
and deserves to be deluged with our business.

Kenny & Gary Bazzett

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