help! type44 squirrly on the road with front snow tires

ben swann benswann at
Wed Dec 11 23:35:14 EST 2002


OK, if not a quattro.  Definately not good to mix tires, and especially
sizes if it is a quattro.

It sound like in this case, the combination is ok, especially if it
feels allright, but maybe your mom is picking up something you aren't
based on "her" driving style.

I'd expect the snows to be making it handle squirrely, as they tend to
do that, IMO.


[i just took the 15" 4x108 BBS's off my moms '86 5k NA automatic and
put the stock 14" steels on there for the winter with brand
new "winterhandler ice and snow" snow tires on the front.   rear tires
are all season, just fronts are snow.

she says car handles "squirrely" sometimes..  i drove the car and it
didnt act up on me.  can i run snows on the fronts of a frontwheel
drive car and regular all seasons on the rears?   or do i have to have
all 4 tires snows?
please advise if you can

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