Huw, your site is broken!

Tigran Varosyan tigran at
Wed Dec 11 22:21:45 EST 2002

Huw, your site is too cool! However the one link I need now is busted. You
have a vac line diagram for CIS and CIS-E. When I click the CIS-E link, I
get the CIS diagram. I can bring up the CIS-E diagram by clicking on the
picture, but then I get no notes and explanations of what is what.

I would love to see the notes and learn what is what under there...

When I got some time (next week) I got a host of "little things" to post
about. Everything from the radio not working to the Quattro switch being
dead... I am so far reading the posts but not saying much because I just
don't know enough about these cars.


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