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Thu Dec 12 00:27:44 EST 2002

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    Ok, I was feeling like my life wasn't difficult enough and I decided to=
 redo all my vacuum lines on my '86 4kq.  I was careful to remove one end a=
t a time to ensure that I was getting the lines hooked up right.  However, =
I noticed that there were a few issues anyway...

    First, there is a green line that runs behind the fender to the vacuum =
thingy, but where it runs up into the upper firewall to the fresh air vent =
there is a "T".  One end of this junction goes through the firewall, the ot=
her end is just open to the engine compartment.  what goes here???  BTW, I =
removed the A/C, could this be a remnant?

    Second, I no longer have the aux vacuum pump on the head, is there a wa=
y to use the left over vacuum reservoir behind the fender to help out the r=
est of the system?

    Lastly, when I swapped in this motor (last one blowed up) I did a littl=
e homework and found that a turbo head and cam would work in place of the s=
tock unit.  So far no troubles, other then what seems to be some minor grem=
lins.  Which brings me to my question.  Do any of you have an idea if the s=
tock ignition timing should work or should I have my local Audi shop tinker=
 with it?  Any other parts/ideas I should look at to help the engine take a=
dvantage of all this extra air it's getting?

Again thank you all in advance,
Jesse Erickson

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