Huw, your site is broken!

Huw Powell human747 at
Thu Dec 12 01:36:47 EST 2002

> Huw, your site is too cool! However the one link I need now is busted. You
> have a vac line diagram for CIS and CIS-E. When I click the CIS-E link, I
> get the CIS diagram. I can bring up the CIS-E diagram by clicking on the
> picture, but then I get no notes and explanations of what is what.
> I would love to see the notes and learn what is what under there...

Not sure a public reply is terribly appropriate here, but it seems to
work for me.

is the file you want,

is the other one.

I am successfully accessing both from the dropdown menu on the index
page, is that where you were trying to go there from?  I guess I'd
better load that obscene 1/4 MB image index of mine to see if that is
the problem link...  uh oh, that's where the problem is.  Thanks, it
should be fixed by the time you read this...

Huw Powell

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