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Thu Dec 12 01:42:39 EST 2002

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<<Second, I no longer have the aux vacuum pump on the head, is there a way to
use the left over vacuum reservoir behind the fender to help out the rest of
the system?>>

This is all without knowing what kind of car you have, but...Yes, it should
be as is, just leave everything connected as it is stock, just plug up the
connection going down to the vacuum pump.

> <<  Lastly, when I swapped in this motor (last one blowed up) I did a little
> homework and found that a turbo head and cam would work in place of the
> stock unit.  So far no troubles, other then what seems to be some minor
> gremlins.  Which brings me to my question.  Do any of you have an idea if
> the stock ignition timing should work or should I have my local Audi shop
> tinker with it?>>

Not sure what you mean, set it to about 6 degrees BTDC (stock setting),
everything should work fine, use your stock distributor and ignition parts,
the turbo parts won't work.

<<  Any other parts/ideas I should look at to help the engine take advantage
of all this > extra air it's getting?>>

Extra air meaning the turbo head and cam?  Realistically its not getting too
much more air, negligible, nothing the factory CIS can't keep up with.  To be
honest though, I doubt you're really getting any more air that you were
stock, maybe the turbo cam is worth 5hp at the most.


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