90 turbo?

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Thu Dec 12 01:36:42 EST 2002

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On top of what Jim said...

<<What are the possibilities of putting a turbo in a 90 q or 93 90 cs
> Quattro?>>

I5 conversions are most practical in either application, 10v or 20v.  Check
out the featured users on my site <A HREF="www.80tq.com">www.80tq.com</A>, there's been a lot of
activity in the last year or 2 wrt conversions, its definitely been done, so
its not so much about possibilities as it is BTDT.

> <<How much would it cost? >>

Ha, this is a wishful question (like there is a cheap answer  ;)

I could do a bare bones turbo conversion in an 80 or 90 quattro with up to
about 200hp for under $1k, maybe as cheap as $500 with a good wrecking yard
parts source.  Or, there's what i've spent on my 80tq, God only knows...tell
you what, take $250 and multiply it times X, here's a good formula:

Z= Total Cost

X= # of modifications performed

L= Percentage of money that you ignore or justify via some convoluted way of
systematic thinking (yes, you do it)

W = Variable between 1.5 and 3.0 that accounts for the fact that the project
will never be done, thus no total cost can be determined

Z = (($200X)/L)W

I can tell you that on average, Z typically equals between $10k and $20k or

<< Would you have to switch out the wiring harness>>

Really depends on what you do, its entirely possible to bolt up all the turbo
stuff to the 80/90 CIS3 system and run 10psi comfortably.

> <<and the ECU?>>

See above, depends on what motor you're using, and what you're trying to
accomplish.  I offer a system called 034efi that many are using, see <A HREF="www.034efi.com">
www.034efi.com</A> for more info.  My 80tq has put down almost 250hp
_at-the-wheels_ on crappy CA gas, at the track with much higher boost levels
the car has no problem passing up highly modded S4tt's, but you need to get
past CIS for that kind of power IME (well, everyone elses too that I've ever

> <<What all would it involve?>>

Oh boy, you don't want another formula, do you?!!

WRT the V6 turbo, this is one I've thought out quite a bit, I think a twin
turbo 12v V6 would be a very powerful motor, 400hp would be easy with mild
boost levels.  Compression would have to be lowered, and full EFI with
programmable ignition would be required.  Its a major conversion, but not too
bad in a B4 90 with the motor already installed, would be a lot more work to
put that motor in a B3, but would be possible.  The main attraction is the
availability of spare motors and parts for the 12v V6's, plus the low end
power and response would be very good.  A guy Rob K on the Audiworld Forums
has a single turbo V6, I don't think he has a site tho'.


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