Considering 96 A6 wagon purchase

steve_currie at steve_currie at
Thu Dec 12 08:54:20 EST 2002

I'm looking at a 96 A6 V6 auto quattro wagon with 35,000 miles.
The owner wants full KBB private value of $14,900.  The car has been
fully maintained at the dealership.  I haven't looked at the records yet,
and am wondering what items I should look for that haven't been done
due to the low mileage.

I would expect that the timing belt hasn't been done
(60,000 miles or 6 yrs? according to the list) since the recommended
time is 90k miles from Audi.

I would expect that it will soon need tires and brakes.  Someone else
suggested that the brake fluid flush be done also.

Any other suggestions??

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