quattro digest, Vol 1 #4329 - Stainless steel brake line article

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DOT lines require "crimped" fittings on the ends rather than the
actually better (can't recall the exact name or description) that
competition lines have. Basically was a standard established to
ensure that rubber brake lines had safe fittings, however, no loophole
exists for the stainless ones. So, street cars are required to meet the DOT=
 standard (not like I'd expect to many inspectors to check the ends of your=
 brake lines). Just remember, b/c you can't see any swelling in the soft pa=
rt of your braided stainless brake lines (indicative of impending failure o=
n either type of line), you should replace your SS brake lines on a regular=
 basis (2-4 yrs, anyone?) rather than relying on visual inspection.


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Subject: Stainless steel brake line article
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 20:37:41 -0700

Here is an interesting discussion on the topic of SS brake
lines. Especially interesting is the coverage of what a "DOT
Approved" SS brake line means.


DeWitt Harrison
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