Window fogging

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Dec 12 10:59:41 EST 2002

At 11:56 AM +0100 12/12/02, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>Now in the winter, the windows in my '86 100q is fogging. I have to
>keep the fan on a high setting and defrost, and even then, the
>windshield is fogging. The side windows are somewhat better, but the
>rear window will be foggy if I don't use the defroster.
>This is an Euro model, no AC, so no recirculation flap that can
>break/jam. The coolant level is stable and I can't smell any coolant
>inside the car. I have cleaned the air intake under the plastic cover.
>I've tried cleaning the windows with alcohol, didn't help. Tried some
>"Rain-X" treatment that should reduce fogging - it helped somewhat,
>but not much.
>I've checked under the carpets - dry.. I've tried driving with a
>window cracked open - no difference.
>Any good tips?

Pull the rain guard up front and clean out any leaves, free up the
drain hole, etc.

If that's fine, perhaps some of the vents(hidden under the rear
bumper) are stuck?  Kind of a long shot though.

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