Considering 96 A6 wagon purchase

Kev the Brit quattrohead at
Thu Dec 12 11:25:30 EST 2002

>I'm looking at a 96 A6 V6 auto quattro wagon with 35,000 miles.
>The owner wants full KBB private value of $14,900.

Check the following:-
Ignition switch for binding in the start position. Easy and cheap to change
if you have small hands.
Sunroof operation, run it up and back and make sure it knows where the shut
position is.
Coolant temperature, be sure it gets upto half way. Thermostat can be
changed with out taking the timing belt off.
Engine for oil leaks around the heads, should be OK on a '96.
Check cats for transmission oil leaking onto them. You might smell burning
whilst driving. I changed the output drive shaft seal in my driveway but
would not recommend it.

Nice looking cars that are relatively vice free, but are extraordinary slow
from a standing start, almost dangerous in my opinion. Quite adequate at
highway speed though....and good for 118MPH !!!!
There are plenty around so don't feel pressured into spending more than you
really feel it is worth. I traded in a '98 for $14,000 and it still sits in
the back of the Toyota dealers lot.
Let us know how you make out.

Kevin Phillips
1998 A6 Avant, traded for 2002 Highlander V6 4wd toyoquat.
1995 Saab 900 SE turbo

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