is this bad gas?

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Thu Dec 12 11:50:37 EST 2002

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This is a very odd situation.  It sounds like you got bad gas, or more
likely, got debris from the filling station (or debris from your own tank) in
the fuel filter.  Do you normally fill up at 1/4 tank and this time it was
dry?  I've seen this happen:
Debris gets into fuel filter, restricting flow.  Car starts normally because
prior to start, there is enough pressure AND volume of gas available (the
pump has time to well, "pump up" the line).  Once the car has started, the
debris restricts flow enough to stall (or run the car rough/lean).
I've also seen faulty/dirty cold start valves do similar things, but usually
not under a cold start situation.
I'd replace the fuel filter, see if that works.  Then clean and inspect the
idle stabilizer valve, check all hoses and intake boots, and check colt start
Let us know how you made out.

Hope I've helped,
Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at

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