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Yes, tall people wearing a helmet (heck, even short people in a new S4, since
the seats are so tall and they have sunroofs) should be mindful of the risk,
even in a closed-roof car.

Of the cars that I've seen on their roofs at the track, even a tall driver
would probably have only minor injuries, as they all had intact roofs near
the backs of the seats.  A-pillars were shortened by impacts, but overall I
was impressed by the roofs (BMW, Audis, Porsches, and an old MR2).  That
said, in every "crash" the occupants hit their helmeted head on something
(side window, seat, cage, whatever) and all without a scratch.

Notice in all cases the a-pillars "shortened" which I suspect is where the
arbitrary 2" came into play.  I can certainly see it to be common sense.  I
also agree with Taka- litigious society not withstanding, it's just plain
stupid to be on a track without a helmet.  I hope that even across the pond,
all our Audifans friends wear them.  Personally, I have an open-faced kevlar
helmet since I spend so many hours on the track (especially at Tracquest
events), which definitely helps my sore neck.  But I wouldn't think about
going out without one!

PCA started the 2" "broomstick" rule, it makes good common sense, so just
adhere to it.

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at

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