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The policy does "stink" from some perspectives, and "it's safe" from others.
Well, I believe you err on the side of caution, always.  The "rule" does NOT
apply to hard-topped cars, so if you're tall, that's your choice.  If all you
own is a convertible and you're tall, you simply won't be allowed at an ACCNA
or PCA event without proper hoops or a cage.
BTW, this isn't discrimination, it's an insurance requirement.  If you'd like
to go after someone, don't go after the clubs.  My (very limited and could be
total rumor or fabrication for all I know) is that the insurance companies
weren't going to allow the then-new Boxsters out on the track.  PCA
negotiated the 2" broomstick rule.  Either way, the insurance company that
most clubs use mandate this.

That said, there are alternatives:
Traquest is the only one I personally know of (  Todd
Serota, the owner (who is also a lawyer) gets a specific waiver from his
insurance company to allow open topped cars without restriction (top up or
down, no cage or hoops, etc.).  Personally I might refuse to instruct in one
(again, I personally saw 3 cars on their roofs this season at DE events), but
I did in October at Watkins Glen with Tracquest.  First, I knew the guy from
my local Corvette club, I encouraged him to attend, and most importantly, I
felt comfortable that he would listen and obey.  It was safe and fun for all.
 There might be other clubs with similar waivers, I don't know.

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