crazy germans

AV8oR zpavelic at
Thu Dec 12 14:19:07 EST 2002

Thanks for the link, Luke! Great Stuff!
993 Ruf 3.6l BiTurbo 522hp-675 Nm engine, 5.1 sec 0-100 km/h w/ a top speed
of 273 km/h (due to drag). WOW!
ONLY 168.000 Euro!LOL!


Zaf 87 1/2 Coupe GT

>Although not directly Audi related this movie is rather entertaining
> It is to a movie (~20Mb) of a VW
>van which I believe is a variant of the Euro Van. It has a RUF tuned
Porsche 993
>turbo motor in the back. I love these sorts of crazy engine swaps. They
claim it
>is making 522 hp and I think 625 Nm of torque. If you have a high speed
>connection check it out.

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