4000 parts for sale

Dave NovaK toastworks at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 12 21:05:53 EST 2002

Hey there list...

Just letting you know I've listed a bunch of parts from an '86 4000S on
eBay. And I'm parting the whole car out (It's in CT), so if you're looking
for something that isn't listed, lemme know and I'll probably have it.

I also have the complete engine (110k) and 5-speed (2WD) in my garage.

A link to my auctions:

Or email me: toastworks at hotmail.com

Sorry if this is breaking list etiquette.

These parts are all in CT and I will ship via UPS.

'88 VW Foxwagen 2.0 3A swap
'89 VW Foxwagen

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